Why You Should Own a Home and Live in Haywood County

Haywood County has established itself as an arts-forward community, and its culture has very much followed suit. Artisans in this area tend to focus on folk art but aren’t limited to just that.

Here are a few examples of the mediums you can expect to come across in Haywood County:

  • Painters
  • Weavers
  • Blacksmiths
  • Photographers
  • Jewelers

Educating People on Different Cultures

During the months of May until December, you can expect to participate in an Art After Dark every first Friday. This is when the vibrant downtown district of Waynesville participates in having merchants open their doors to potential art buyers. Almost every business will have entertainment, as well as snacks, and art galore! It truly is a great time for all involved.

Another great addition to our abundant culture is Folkmoot. This is a yearly international festival that is centered around educating people on different cultures from around the world through traditional dance and art.

Much of the rest of our culture can be experienced and seen through the hard work, love, and care of the outdoors and small businesses. If you spend a little bit of time here, you are bound to hear local residents proclaim their die-hard love of their community. We really do cherish our community, and that is part of our culture as well.

Great Quality of Life

You can get to the core of Appalachia culture through song, dance, pickin’, and grinnin’. We embrace our ways through bluegrass, clogging, moonshine, and lending a helping hand when one is needed. We love God, the outdoors, sunshine, and the beautiful mountains that we’re so lucky to wake up to every single day.

If all or maybe even some of this sounds great to you, then please come and visit. I’m sure you’ll find out soon enough, that you will love it here too.

Surrounded by the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains and combined with a great quality of life makes Haywood County a perfect relocation for any single person or family.

Wide Variety of Activities

Haywood County is only a thirty-minute drive to Asheville, so you can enjoy all the offerings of a small city while secluding in a rural setting. The changing of seasons is always a huge attraction in Western North Carolina, especially with the changing of colors, in which all of the beautiful forests here gradually change from green to a sea of yellow, orange, and red.

Each season offers a wide variety of activities, ranging from hitting the local swimming holes in the summer, to skiing/snowboarding in the winter, watching the elk roam between February and May, and getting some quality hiking/rock climbing/zip lining all year round.

If you’re an avid lover of the outdoors(especially hiking), you’ll be pleased to learn that we have thirteen total peaks that are over 6,000 feet. The peaks are:

  • Shining Rock – 6,010 ft
  • Grassy Cove Top – 6,055 ft
  • Tennent Mountain – 6,040 ft
  • Black Balsam Knob – 6,214 ft
  • Sams Knob – 6,055 ft
  • Rheinhart Knob – 6,095 ft
  • Richland Balsam – 6,410 ft
  • Cold Mountain – 6,030 ft
  • Waterrock Knob – 6,292 ft
  • Mt. Lynn Lowery – 6,290 ft
  • Plott Balsam – 6,088 ft
  • Mt. Guyot – 6,621 ft
  • Big Cataloochee – 6,180 ft

Haywood County has the highest average elevation of any county in the East, and our rivers and springs all originate within our county.

Household Income

The current median price of homes listed in Haywood County is $281,250.00, while the median price of a home sold in Haywood County is $208,800.00. The median household income in Haywood County is $49,800.00 as opposed to the National average of $55,322.00.

Haywood County has a total of fifteen public schools that consists of nine elementary schools, thee middle schools, two high schools, and one alternative school. Most of the schools in Haywood County hold an above-average rating, with Madison and Henderson County schools taking the highest ratings.

On top of being just outside of Asheville, which houses many attractions like Biltmore Estate and being Beer City USA, you will also be located near other quaint but equally attractive mountain towns such as: